Desert Life

African heat is suffocating Germany these days. Not (quite) too hot to ride – as long as it is a route with as few traffic lights as possible. The bear the intrinsic risk of switching to red when the rider is approaching, forcing a stop that let’s you feel the almost brutal heat. It hits you like a hammer over the head when you come to a standstill.

Yesterday’s ride, e.g., was done at 32.5°C – on average.!

Really feels like riding in Africa.

Make-believe African wildlife in the middle of German desert heat?

The temps even seem to play some tricks on your vision – or wasn’t it a mirage when I thought I saw a zebra grazing in the distance? ;-)

In a heat like today, it is highly recommended for EVERY creature to dress accordingly

Time Flies

“Time flies when you are having fun”? – Well, then Ithere must have been tons of fun lately; because it feels like I have missed all of Summer: I am finding myself in the middle (or even: end) of Autumn already. And the really strong winds are blowing the last leaves off the trees, nicely decorating everything.

And – boom – even a not-so-well-preserved (and ugly-to-begin-with) left-over of the 70s looks quite charming:

Can’t see the fall decoration? Well, look closer then:

The perceived time warp is, fortunately, simply due to the fact that the blogger is currently in Australia. Another few days, and Summer will have me back for many more rides before members of The Fleet will be decorated by symptoms of seasonal change again.

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